This project presents a whimsical scenario in which painted ink forms appear to come to life, rising off the page and interacting with the very hands that drew them. Inspired by early filmic “lightning sketches,” in which stop-motion animation techniques were used to create the illusion of drawings escaping the page, drawn presents a modern update: custom-developed software alters a video signal in real time, creating a seamless, organic and even magical world of spontaneous and improvised performance of hand and ink.

The software was originally created for use in a concert-performance. After every performance, crowds would gather to peer at the table, and often ask to try the software themselves. When they did, their delight was immediately evident. In response, an installation version of drawn was developed.

In the installation, visitors are invited to become performers themselves, learning quickly how to utilize the system in order paint and then tap, nudge and poke the ink across the paper. The work extends the performance software with a simple, intuitive interface, allowing for easy operation, and a rear projection screen which serves as an novel intermediary device, creating both a private space for performers to work in, and public space for observers. Throughout the course of the exhibit, the walls are filled with participants’ drawings, creating an increasingly dense tapestry of ink forms.

By turning simple brushstrokes of ink into complex and energetic life forms, drawn delights with simple truths: the musicality and immediacy of drawing, and the playful joy of magic.

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