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AVSYS final presentations

Audio Visual Systems is a class taught by myself and Zach Gage at Parsons MFADT program. The purpose of this class is to learn and explore the relationships between audio and visual forms using programming as medium of interpreting, generating, and controlling the relationships between the two. At the end of the semester we organized a show at Amit Pitaru’s studio, where friends, and family, and guests came together to see what the students produced throughout the semester.


DROW = drawing + throwing. It’s vj software and an iphone application. You can download it for free from the App Store, draw any image, and throw it from anywhere in the world, and it will appear live in concert. It’s a collaboration between myself, Masa Kawamura and IMG SRC. Our first use of DROW took place with Republic and KuchiRoRo. Masa and I watched the performance live on ustream from new york.

Urban Alchemy

On May 14th, i collaborated with a group of designers and architects towards an urban intervention in Noho. The project consisted in projecting messages about peace onto a 60 foot wall using people’s bodies as the main source of imagery. The main site of the intervention was a clothing store and an independent communications network – Paper Tiger Television – on the corner of Bleecker and Lafayette. As people went by, they were invited to come in and tell us where they would find peace of mind. They would sit down in front of a 3D camera and we would input the message into the software as they prepared for capture. Their moving image would be captured by the camera and projected onto the 60 foot wall outside. The projected image, however, was not a regular color image. The person’s silhouette, captured in 3D, would be filled with type specifically developed for this project, which contained the message he/she wished to deliver.

poptech / spark

I shot a video for spark, an initiative poptech has launched to help get highschool students excited about science and math.

The video, shot by the excellent noah david smith, came out great. check it out here.

aol 25 x 25

I was honored this winter to receive a grant from AOL’s 25×25 program – where AOL awarded 25k grants to 25 artists.

A huge thank you to Nikki, and the rest of the AOL staff for making this possible.

SVA IxD summer school

I had the great opportunity this summer to teach a class at SVA’s new IxD program. They have a summer bootcamp type program, and I was honored to be teaching along side Nicholas Felton, Shawn Allen and Carla Diana. It was an intro to code (and openframeworks) course and we got really quite far in 4 weeks.

Ken Knowlton interview

I had a chance to interview Ken Knowlton in his studio in NJ about his working process. Actually, I thought it would be an interview but I wound up not having to ask any questions once we got started.

Ken Knowlton is an artist and pioneer of computer graphics — one of the first people to program raster graphics, a member of the Bell Labs, a participant in Cybernetic Serendipity exhibition in 1968, and a master of the mosiac form. More at wikipedia. I am collaborating with him, as well as Mark Setteducati and Tenyo, on a toy called Jigazo that’s out in Japan (and the second version is coming out for the tokyo toy show, in a few weeks).

ken knowlton interview from thesystemis on Vimeo.

OF workshop taipei

I taught a workshop June 24-27th in Taipei, Taiwan, which was a collaboration between TNUA (Taiwan National University of the Arts) and Quanta.  It was an interesting mix of art students and engineers from the quanta company, and it was often impossible to see which one was which.    We covered the basics of OF, working with pixels, computer vision, and animation.    Special thanks to Shih-ying and Shennon for arranging everything.

tokyo visit

Ramen in Ebisu, interview with WOWOW, OF dinner and 4nchor5 la6 meetup, meeting with Tenyo (makers of the Jigazo toy), dinner in shibuya, 6am soba, airplane to taipei.

nxnei / fast company most creative people

In a pretty eventful 24 hours I gave talks at the nxnei interactive conference in toronto – where theo and I did some sweet live auto-smiley via skype – and at the fast company’s most creative people event in NYC.  This picture at NXNEi was taken by Andrew Baron of Rocketboom fame,  at about 5:30am on our epic journey of boat, plane, train and taxi back to nyc.

Huge thanks to the organizers of both events.

ignite @ internet week

I was happy to bring eyewriter pecha kucha style to ignite’s internet week.

ignite crowd

imagethink did some sweet  live drawing of my talk at the event:
imagethink's drawing of my ignite talk

fast company – most creative people

I was honored to be included on Fast Company’s most creative people in business list, announced this month. I came in at #36, just before Jamie Oliver.

fast company screenshot