Urban Alchemy

On May 14th, i collaborated with a group of designers and architects towards an urban intervention in Noho. The project consisted in projecting messages about peace onto a 60 foot wall using people’s bodies as the main source of imagery. The main site of the intervention was a clothing store and an independent communications network – Paper Tiger Television – on the corner of Bleecker and Lafayette. As people went by, they were invited to come in and tell us where they would find peace of mind. They would sit down in front of a 3D camera and we would input the message into the software as they prepared for capture. Their moving image would be captured by the camera and projected onto the 60 foot wall outside. The projected image, however, was not a regular color image. The person’s silhouette, captured in 3D, would be filled with type specifically developed for this project, which contained the message he/she wished to deliver.

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