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nxnei / fast company most creative people

In a pretty eventful 24 hours I gave talks at the nxnei interactive conference in toronto – where theo and I did some sweet live auto-smiley via skype – and at the fast company’s most creative people event in NYC.  This picture at NXNEi was taken by Andrew Baron of Rocketboom fame,  at about 5:30am on our epic journey of boat, plane, train and taxi back to nyc. Huge thanks to the organizers of both events.

ignite @ internet week

I was happy to bring eyewriter pecha kucha style to ignite’s internet week. imagethink did some sweet  live drawing of my talk at the event:

fast company – most creative people

I was honored to be included on Fast Company’s most creative people in business list, announced this month. I came in at #36, just before Jamie Oliver.

interactivos mexico


interactivos eyebeam


YCAM interlab


Imal workshop


openframeworks @ iMal brussels from thesystemis on Vimeo.

OF LAB, Ars Electronica




Stills Description This project presents a whimsical scenario in which painted ink forms appear to come to life, rising off the page and interacting with the very hands that drew them. Inspired by early filmic “lightning sketches,” in which stop-motion animation techniques were used to create the illusion of drawings escaping the page, drawn presents a modern update: custom-developed software alters a video signal in real time, creating a seamless, organic and even magical world of spontaneous and improvised performance of hand and ink. The software was originally created for … Read more

Night Lights


Stills Description In this installation YesYesNo teamed up with The Church, Inside Out Productions and Electric Canvas to turn the Auckland Ferry Building into an interactive playground. Our job was to create an installation that would go beyond merely projection on buildings and allow viewers to become performers, by taking their body movements and amplifying them 5 stories tall. We used 3 different types of interaction – body interaction on the two stages, hand interaction above a light table, and phone interaction with the tracking of waving phones. There were … Read more

Lights On


Stills Description Lights On is an audio visual performance created for opening of the new Ars Electronica museum in Linz, Austria, which has a facade that contains 1085 LED controllable windows. The windows’ colors are changed in realtime with music that’s broadcasted on speakers surrounding the building. The performance is approximately 10 minutes long. The whole performance has been recorded in software and can be replayed in the future for events. Links Damian Stewart: Daito Manabe: Ars Electronica: openFrameworks:



Description Opensourcery is a magic performance that marries camera based technology with old fashioned close magic to create a new variety of tricks. The work uses custom based software, written with the openframeworks library, in order to take a live video image and manipulate it seamlessly. This software is completely open-source (thus the title) and designed as a starting point for imagining a new language of tricks and techniques for magical expression. Stills Links Opensourcery