thesystemis is home to the work of zachary lieberman & collaborators

I am an artist, researcher, hacker dedicated to exploring new modes of expression and play.

I love to make things.

I develop and am one of the co-founders of openframeworks, a c++ library for creative coding.  I am working on the eyewriter project, a lowcost / opensource hardware and software toolkit that helps people draw with their eyes. This semester I am teaching a course about the eyewriter at parsons school of design.  A few performances / installations with buildings created by yesyesno, a company I co-founded: Night Lights and Lights On I’ve worked with a great magician, Marco Tempest, developing new tricks: AR Magic 1.0 and Magic Projection 1.0. A few years back, I’ve also worked Mago Julian, making opensourcery, a performance that mixed software and close magic.   I also worked on the IQ font, a project where a stunt driver drives a typeface.  I’m one of the developers of rhonda, a 3d drawing tool that helps people sketch ideas simply in 3d. See also sonic wire sculptor, it’s musical cousin. I’m also helping with the development of jigazo, a reconfigurable jigsaw puzzle.

News: I’m honored to report that the EyeWriter project has won the Design of the Year (interactive) from London Design Museum, FutureEverything prize from the future everything festival and the Golden Nica in Interactive Art at Ars electronica. The eyewriter was also listed by Time magazine as one the 50 best inventions in 2010. Also, the IQ Font project won the Cannes Design Lion. I’m also happy to report that I am one of the recipients of the AOL 25 for 25 grant, and was listed in Fast Company Magazine’s 100 Creative people in business.

I give talks, here’s one I gave at Poptech

poptech also produced a video about my work, for their Spark series, helping get highschool students excited about math and technology.

To reach me, email zach [@] openframeworks [dot] cc  |  follow me on twitter : @zachlieberman